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Friday, July 25, 2014

Okkamon Falls

Gal mil had been busy this month and so have I. We've had two major campaigns starting in Huola helping our minnie brothers defend their stronghold in Huola. Unfortunately I wasn't involved in any of that, the first day of the deployment I couldn't be bothered to move ships over and after seeing the battle reports of the first day I assumed the fighting would slow and I'd have moved ships there for nothing. Well it wouldn't be the first time I predicted politics wrong and the fighting grew over the next few days. We've still got standing orders to leave a jump clone somewhere nearby for the good fights.

Okkamon would be the next target, with us making the tier 3 push leading up to the offensive. Between my limited playtime and my poor wallet having just rejoined the militia I had to balance time between fleets and some farming. The fights that I did participate in were a blast and reminded why I rejoined gallente militia.

Gal mil has always had a tendency to fight outnumbered, let's face it our fac war missions can't be soloed in a stealth bomber like the 3 other races. Knowing this there was always a push to upship, our lp is worth more because less farmers, so the isk is there all we needed was a willingness to fly shiny. When I left galmil the first time around I painstakingly did so to help a friend with a startup alliance that failcascaded in syndicate (where alliances go to die IMHO). I didn't want to leave because fcs were calling for ishtars and hugiins and other assorted HACs and the militia was responding. I'm all for flying derptrons when the need arises but I'm definitely having more fun with the shiny toys.

Thankfully they found great success in these doctrines while I was gone and they didn't fade away, and coming full circle to my point afterall this rambling. From what I saw in the Okkamon campaign, our victory was brought about by our willingness to upship. Every medium and large compoud we were bringing AHACs and guardians to hold despite being outnumbered in local for the entirety of the afternoon. Squid FCs through waves of sniper corms and coraxs into the meat grinder against our AHACs, and with some help from Julianus' group of thirsty thrashers we were able to dominate the plexs and their undock between fights. The only exception was a group of Bohica that brought out a skirmish gang of ishtars with scimmy support and props to them for bringing the good fight. The point here being that if they were able to rally the troops and get all the pilots in local into HACs the day would have gone differently.

Maybe it came down to logistics, I have to give huge props to veronica and perunga and all the behind the scenes logistical monkeys who made our reships seamless. At one point we finished a large burned two jumps downsized to destroyers and were back in time to contest a small in a 4 minute window which is insanely impressive cat herding for 45 guys.

Anyways that's just my thoughts on this campaign, all I learned is that I need to start stocking stations all over fac war space so I don't have to mooch ships from those more equipped than I.

Okkamon BR

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